Ami Sanghavi

Owner of Chef In Me
Co-founder of the Seva Army

Known for her inventive take on modern vegan & vegetarian soul food, as well as comfort classics, Ami Sanghavi is the executive chef/owner of the Chef in me located in Brampton. Her passion for cuisine led her to experiment and expand her creativity as a Food Stylist . Ami has managed both large events as well as smaller, customized gatherings with equal ease and professionalism. To provide more value to the food she serves, she introduced the Healthy Food Initiative, whereby clients would receive a well-balanced meal plan that caters to their fitness goal, without compromising on the flavours. For this initiative, she worked with a nutrition expert to ensure that the meals are wholesome and nutritious.

Her previous experience also includes work in the fields of administration, special needs, and education, giving her the well-rounded personality that she carries. Ami also took the initiative & became an integral part of establishing the Seva Army, a volunteer-based Group that provided food to front-line workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic. She is charismatic, extremely energetic, and walks with the attitude of getting the job done. Her strengths include creative thinking, problem solving, risk management, adaptability to changing situations, and a diverse mindset makes her an asset to any team that she is a part of.